10 Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

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It took me a hot minute to jump on the podcast bandwagon, but now that I have found several podcasts that I really enjoy, I am intentionally carving out time each week to listen to them. Today, I am going to share my top 10 Best Podcasts for Christian Moms.

11 Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

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What is a podcast and how to listen to a podcast?

Before I really began to listen to podcasts, I was clueless to what they were really about and how to listen to them. So, what is a podcast? A podcast is a free, on-demand audio recording. These recordings can be listened to whenever they are released by the podcast host which is often once a week, and typically each podcast is centered around a specific topic.

So how do you listen to a podcast? You can listen to podcasts on your computer by going to the podcast website directly, but I typically listen to them on my phone due to when and where I listen to them. You can choose a podcast listening app from your phone’s store that suits your needs. Since I have a Samsung, my favorite is Google Podcast, but I do want to warn you that not all podcast apps have all podcasts

What is the purpose of a Christian podcast?

I believe the purpose of a Christian podcast is to remind and encourage the listener to keep their eyes on Jesus. There are so many options for great Christian podcasts, and you can even listen to sermons from larger churches in a podcast format, like LifeChurch. I almost always finish listening to a Christian podcast with more gratitude in my heart, more awareness of God’s hand in my life and more thoughts that are in alignment with scripture.

Why is it important for Moms to listen to a Christian podcast?

I have a deep desire to be a woman, wife and mom who pursues God with my entire heart, but sometimes the business of life can distract me from that desire. I often am tempted to look only at the tasks that are at hand like laundry that needs to be folded, meals that need to be made, and errands that need to be ran; however, if I only cast my eyes on my to do list and I don’t intentionally bringing my thoughts back to Jesus, then I will not be growing in my relationship with the Lord. This results in not being the mom and wife I desire to be.

There is a hymn that I learned as a little girl that helps me through this struggle to keep my eyes on Jesus as the things of my world around me tug at my attention. The lyrics written by Helen Lemmel in 1922 go like this :

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in his wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of his glory and grace 1

So, how do I actively turn my eyes upon Jesus and make Him my priority while I continue to have a house to run and a family to care for? There are several ways that I do this, but one of them is by listening to Christian podcasts. These podcasts help me turn my heart and thoughts back to the creator of the Universe while I am in the trenches of motherhood and life. Turning my thoughts throughout my day to God, who is love, makes me a more loving mom and wife. There is so much truth and wisdom in Philippians 4:8 which says 2

Your thoughts matter so much, and it is by turning your eyes to Jesus that your thoughts which lead to your words and actions can reflect Him more and more. I encourage you to let podcasts be one way that helps you turn your eyes to Jesus throughout your day.

When to listen to a podcast?

Before I ever turn on a podcast, I check in with myself about how I am feeling and what I am doing. If I need to spend time in prayer, I will forgo the podcast for some quietness to pray. If I am in need of encouragement, then I will choose a podcast based on what area of life I am feeling like I need encouragement. I mostly listen to podcasts when I am by myself, but I have been known to turn on some fun children’s podcasts for my kids that I enjoy too.

Below are some ideas of when to listen to a podcast for a Christian Mom.
When you are:

  • Doing the dishes
  • Folding laundry
  • Driving
  • Getting ready in the morning
  • Working out or going for a walk
  • Making a meal/meal prepping
  • Nursing or feeding your kids
  • Getting ready for bed

Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

So what are the top 10 Best Podcasts for Christian Moms? Below you will find my personal favorite podcasts for Christian moms even though a few of them are not specifically for just moms. Each Podcast Host is an amazing follower of Christ who is there to encourage the listener to turn their eyes, heart, thoughts and actions towards God.

The GraceLaced Podcast

The GraceLaced Podcast is the podcast that sold me on being a podcast listener. The host is Ruth Chou Simons who is a best selling author, an amazing artist, a truth-speaking podcast host, and so much more. I love that Ruth and her co-host, Eve Stipes, so lovingly and honestly walk you through finding God’s grace within your everyday life, and they are such encouragers to their listener to cultivate growth in every season of life. Even though this podcast isn’t specifically just for moms, it is a must listen to in my book. 

Playfully Faithful Parenting

The Child Development and Children’s Pastor background in me loves this podcast. The host is Joy Wendling who is a Children’s Minister turned stay at home mom and Podcast host. She has a desire to encourage Christian moms to introduce their children to God in a playful and joyful way. I love that she gives such sound advice on how play can turn into an opportunity to talk with your children about God. If you need some help understanding how to incorporate God into your family home in a fun and playful way, then this is the podcast for you!

The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast

I know…I know…I grew up watching Full House, and I personally didn’t love DJ. So when I stumbled upon this podcast I didn’t expect to love it. But…y’all it is so good. The host is Candace Cameron Bure, and through her podcasts you experience real life conversations about being a follower of Jesus. Although it isn’t a motherhood specific podcast, I find myself jotting down quotes from her and her guests and saying “amen” often throughout it. Even if you weren’t a Full House fan, I think this podcast is still a great listen.

At Home with Sally

Listening to this podcast is like getting a hug from an older woman who has succesfully walked the journey of motherhood. Sally Clarkson is an author and podcast host who really encourages women to cultivate a home life that envelops their children in safety, love and beauty so their hearts and eyes can be open to God. She is so filled with wisdom and encouragement, and I highly recommend this podcast whenever you need seasoned advice from one who has already walked the road you are on.

Heaven in Your Home

This podcast is definitely a must listen to for all married women. Francie Winslow is the host, and she spends her time talking about sex, marriage and intimacy from a biblical perspective. She reminds listeners that God created sex and that it should be celebrated and enjoyed within your marriage. As a tired mom who often feels like this department gets put on the back burner, Francie has been so encouraging to me that God created intimacy with my husband as a gift and that it shouldn’t take any space on any back burner. If you are married, this is a must listen to.

The Elisabeth Elliot Podcast

This podcast is straight up Biblical truth with no sugar coating. Elisabeth Elliot was an author, speaker and missionary who has an incredible testimony and life. Her first husband was killed while ministering in Eastern Ecuador, and she later went to the tribe who killed her husband to share the Good News of Jesus with them. Talk about a lady who allowed God to use her in mighty ways. These are recordings from her speaking engagements prior to her passing, and they are so convicting and truth-centered. I highly recommend this podcast to help with your spiritual growth.

Rejoicing in Motherhood Podcast

This is a newer podcast for me, but I just feel like the host and I are kindred spirits. Kirsten Vossler is the podcast host, and she has the perspective, as do I, that motherhood is a beautiful calling and gift from God. Her podcast is filled with conversations that are encouraging and uplifting moms to live out the motherhood journey with their eyes fixed on Jesus. I wish I was friends in real life with Kirsten. Go give her a listen!

Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast

This is a podcast that isn’t just for moms! My husband and I listen to this one together from time to time which has been a really great thing for our parenting relationship. Danny Huerta, from Focus on the Family, is the host of this podcast, and during the quick episodes, parenting topics are covered from a biblical perspective. They are meant to encourage, equip with tips and provide helpful resources in regards to parenting. If you are married, I think this is a great one to listen to with your spouse on the way to a date or while hanging out together in the evening. Seriously…they are so short and so worth the investment of time.

The Hello Mornings Podcast

Over the last few years, I have been diving deep into habits and thought patterns. I really struggled with anxiety four years ago, and one of the major things that was contributing to my anxiety were my habits and my thought patterns. The Hello Morning Podcast is a newer one for me, but I know this is going to be so powerful in creating healthy habits. This podcast is hosted by Kat Lee, and it is all about creating a simple yet impactful morning routine. She has the 3-minute morning kit that is meant to be used to transform your morning into one that is habitually centered on Christ. If you are feeling like mornings are just a bust with the craziness that is feeding littles and getting ready for your day, this will be a great one for you. 

The Rachel Cruze Show

I know this last one isn’t exactly a podcast, but you can get it in podcast format. Rachel Cruze is a mom, an author and a show host (as well as the daughter of Dave Ramsey), and she shares all about living within your means from a biblical perspective. My husband and I really believe in Financial Peace University, and we are currently living like no one else…so that we can eventually LIVE no one else. Rachel is so encouraging, extremely relatable, and very funny, and I always walk away from listening to her remembering why I choose to live within my budget. If you have never heard of Financial Peace University or Rachel Cruze or you just need a good budget based show to motivate you in achieving your financial goals, I highly recommend this show.

Well, there you have it! My personal picks for the 10 Best Podcasts for Christian Moms.
Are any of these your favorites as well? Do you have a personal favorite that isn’t on this list? I would love to hear from you! Comment below to let me know.

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  1. This is a long list and I haven’t tried most of them, so I will have to do that.

    My all time favorite is The Read Aloud Revival.

    Others I love are Risen Motherhood, Mama Bear Apologetics, and Coffee + Crumbs.

    • Hi Melissa,
      Thank you for sharing. I have heard of those podcasts, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to them. I will have to go try them soon. If you are going to give these ones a listen, I would start with The GraceLaced Podcast and the Elisabeth Elliot Podcasts based on the ones you listed as your favorite.

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